Mastering your video editing tasks can be a huge issue in itself. If you are someone who is into video editing, editing a 4K video can be cumbersome if the video editing tool you have chosen is not capable of hardware acceleration. That would bring you in an understanding of the concepts involved in a video editing tasks and why hardware acceleration is extremely important. Let us first understand what is hardware acceleration or GPU acceleration is all about.


What is GPU Acceleration Technology?


GPU acceleration refers to the high-end functionality of a video editor. The GPU acceleration involves the ability of a video editor that makes use of NVIDA© CUDA™, AMD®, and Intel® Core™ technologies. The technology is helpful in outputting the video formats in a faster manner than without the acceleration.


This can be one of the excellent options for enhancing your video editing tasks, including the high-end formats such as H.264 and H.265, and it can further improve the performance by around two to three times.


While most of the video editors come with an ability to handle the video editing tasks through the CPU only, it may not be sufficient when handling high-end videos such as those recorded using 4K resolution. The choice of whether to enable or disable hardware acceleration will be dependent on the exact status of the load on your


When Do You Need To Turn On Or Disable GPU Hardware Acceleration?


Your video editor will keep working effectively with a support from the CPU alone. However, in the case of a high end videos, you will need an assistance from the GPU. If you are unaware, a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit on your computer is a programmable logic processor. It has been designed to provide you access to a specialized degree of display functionality. While there is a different method to turn on hardware acceleration on Windows 10, you need to turn it on in your software separately.


Most of the regular or standard video editors fail to understand the importance of the graphics cards and do not utilize the graphics cards or their capability to improve the video editing capabilities. GPU can be a great option to help you edit the 2K and 4K videos with a very high degree of efficiency. In such cases, a video editor will make use of the GPU in achieving a better degree of video editing capabilities.


GPU acceleration removes the load on a CPU when handling a video editing capability. It will take the load off from the CPU and thus improves the speed and efficiency of your video editing tasks. The GPU acceleration technique is used extensively in video editing tasks, and it can be helpful in handling the high-resolution footages more capably.


Where Is GPU Hardware Acceleration Technology Applied?


Like we already stated, GPU acceleration is used quite extensively in video editing and other tasks that need a certain degree of CPU utilization. For the sake of this post, we will check out the three DVDFab products that provide you access to a very improved GPU hardware acceleration.


DVDFab, if you are not aware, is a professional multimedia software provider. It provides you access to a very improved service quality in a video editing efficiency with several tools such as DVD cloner, DVD copy, Blu-ray Copy, UHD Copy, DVD Ripper, DVD/Blu-ray conversion, UHD Ripper, video converter, DVD creator, Blu-ray creator, UHD creator, Blu-ray media player, photo & video enhancer and a wide range of video tools. A professional service provider with more than 17 years of experience in video tools par excellence, DVDFab has been a powerful name among the well-known video tools. With close to 90 million active users globally, the DVDFab Suite and other DVDFab tools have created a name for itself.


DVD Ripping Software


DVDFab DVD Ripper is one of the capable software solutions for ripping your DVDs. It can quickly rip and convert your DVDs to any of the mainstream video formats. You can even convert the videos onto audio formats of your choice.


Some of the abilities offered by DVDFab DVD Ripper can include


  • The tool lets you control each element of the video, including start and end, and the option to add subtitles.

  • You can even adjust the video parameters as per your preferences. It can handle a few of the video editing options, such as trimming, cropping, and adding watermarks.

  • Support for the latest Nvidia CUDA and Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration options that helps in a faster ripping and conversion.

  • Ability to enhance and upscale the video from 480p to 1080p and 1080p to 4K.


DVD Copying Software


DVDFab DVD Copy is one of the best services that lets you copy the contents from the DVD disc onto another disc. It can also be a good option to save your DVD disc on your hard drive in the form of a DVD ISO file or ISO image.


It can efficiently read and create a backup of any DVD in any format, including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL.


A few of the features offered by DVDFab DVD Copy include


  • Cloning a DVD in a lossless 1:1 ratio, compressing DVD 9 to DVD 5, or copy your discs When do you need to turn on or disable GPU hardware acceleration?

  • Have access to a host of DVD Copy modes that include Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, split, and customize.

  • A user-friendly interface with multiple language support.

  • It can read even the damaged and scratched DVD discs.

  • A faster processing speed provides you with a spotless output quality


DVDFab Video Converter 


A full-featured video converter, it can be your powerful companion for a video converter tool. It can convert your videos from one format to another or even convert your video files onto the audio format.


A few of the prime features that make it one of the excellent choices can include


  • Ability to convert all the popular audio and video formats that include the formats downloaded from the internet, created by camcorders and capture cards.

  • It can extract the metadata information from the source file apply the data onto the output file. This can be helpful in letting the players and movie servers effortlessly browsing and playing back the content once copied.

  • It can help you customize both audio and video parameters

  • A built-in video editor is one of the thoughtful inclusions for improving the look and appearance of your video.

  •  Support for the advanced technologies such as the latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync technologies.


What Hardware Acceleration Methods Do These Tools Help You With? 


 The DVDFab tools outlined above should be a great option for almost all your video editing and other video-related tasks. One of the common factors between them lies in the supports for the latest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync technologies on them. Learning how to turn on hardware acceleration on DVDFab products can be helpful in the long run.


Intel Quick Sync acceleration


The Intel Quick Sync is a huge advancement in the hardware acceleration arena and has been built within the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors. It is capable of accelerating encoding and decoding of the content, thereby providing a faster conversion efficiency. In addition to handling your video editing tasks, Intel Quick Sync can effectively let the processor handle the other tasks related to the processor consistently. That would make your computer work with a better efficiency.


NVIDIA CUDA acceleration


The NVIDIA CUDA acceleration is one of the unique concepts and provides you access to a high degree of acceleration on NVIDIA GPUs. It can be helpful in providing you access to H.265 encoding, aka HEVC encoding, and also the CUDA hardware acceleration technology. The hardware acceleration can be helpful in speeding up the conversion rather exponentially. In essence, you would find it enhancing the performance by almost 30 times faster than the regular software encoding.


How To Turn On Hardware Acceleration When Converting a Video?

 All the DVDFab products outlined in this compilation have been designed as a part of the larger DVDFab suite. Enabling the settings for hardware acceleration is rather simple and easy to follow.  You can simply enable of disable hardware acceleration as per your needs.


Here is how you can enable or disable GPU acceleration on DVDFab –


Step 1 – Install and launch DVDFab


DVDFab is an all-inclusive suite that has separate modules for tools such as DVD Ripper, DVD Video Converter, and other tools. Launch the tool to enable hardware acceleration.




Step 2 – Access Common Settings


The hardware acceleration settings need not be enabled for any specific module of the software. You can enable it for the entire suite. Click on the inverted triangle at the top right and click on Common Settings


common settings


Step 3 – Enable or disable GPU acceleration


Locate A/V Codec and make changes for the GPU acceleration. Based on whether your device has NVIDIA or Intel Graphics, you can choose the appropriate acceleration technique. You can adjust the parameters for encoding and decoding separately.


GPU acceleration


Click OK to save your Settings. You just need to do it once. No need to repeat the process each time you use the DVDFab Suite. The settings here will be appliable to all the modules.


Whether you are looking to know how to disable hardware acceleration or enable it, the steps above should be helpful in the long run.


The Concluding Thoughts


Well, hardware acceleration has been one of the new age techniques in enhancing the level of performance in video editing and other needs you may have. You can make use of the hardware acceleration techniques such as Intel Quick Sync and NVIDIA CUDA acceleration that can prove efficient in achieving the best possible standards. The tips above should help you how to turn on hardware acceleration.


The tools and services offered by the above products in providing you access to a much enhanced degree of service quality. Thanks to the hardware acceleration support should indeed be what would provide you access to a huge degree of efficiency ever.  Moreover, there is also one technology called super resolution that could help you significantly improve your video quality.